E-Currency, E-Exchange and DXSynergy

E-Currency, E-Exchange and DXSynergy

We live a world where the letter “e” is more than just the letter of an alphabet, it stands for something that operates out side the boundaries of the physical. The letter “e” that comes with a hyphen means that whatever you are dealing will be in the virtual world. While many people fear that “e” for those who do not fear it allow us to introduce you the world of e-currency, e-exchange and DXSynergy.

What is E-Currency, E-Exchange and DXSynergy?

If you are new to the above mentioned terms we are sure that by now you are confused and wondering what on earth is going on. That being said, allow us to shed a little bit of light on the matter.


We mentioned earlier that the “e” stands for something that operates outside the physical realm, this means that that it is in the virtual world, as such, e-currencies or e-cash as many may call them,  are what many today refer to as cryptocurrencies. However, before the popular bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies stepped into the scenes, other currencies were almost like bitcoin. However, they were not as popular and as secure as the cryptocurrencies that we have today. The two currencies that were popular before bitcoin were e-Gold and e-Bullion, both of which are no longer function today. 


E-Exchange is simple to grasp as soon as you know what e-currencies are. E-exchange is basically the exchange between the currencies on the web. If we were to use modern terms, this is more or less similar to forex trading. 


DXSynergy was a platform that allowed people to benefit from the e-currency and e-exchange. Basically, people would open an account and deposit funds into it. Thereafter, they would allow merchants to trade those funds and they would be able to get profit form that. Or rather if you wanted to get more hands on you could easily trade those funds by yourself if you are a merchant. Which is more or less what happens with forex trading. 

Therefore, before forex trading was, there was something called DXSynergy. Since it was new, most people called it a scam and didn’t even bother to try it. For those who did try it, it managed to give them great results and they managed to earn a lot of money through it. 

This is more or less similar to when online casino games first entered the market. People thought of them as a scam and didn’t even give them the light of day. Only to realise a few years later that they were and still are a legit way to have fun while making money.

DXSynergy, though not as popular as it was when it first stepped into the picture suffered from the fear of change.  As result, it died a slow and painful death with  people never fully understanding what it had to offer them. Forex trading, its predecessor, all thanks to technology, was more accepted by the world, however this was all thanks to the trial and era phase that we went through when we using DXSynergy or DXinOne.